Advice to My College Freshman

You have fabulous opportunities ahead of you, and there are many choices that you will have.

  1. Remember to focus on what is best for you in the long run, instead of what feels easy, or right at the moment. Have fun, but more importantly learn and grow so your future is brighter and fuller.
  2. Do not procrastinate; organize for your classes. Get your work done and then you can enjoy your time off without concern.
  3. Start college projects and assignments early so that if you need help you can seek out a professor or a smart friend. It will reduce your stress and keep you grounded.
  4. Choose good friends. Seek out the nice ones, the responsible ones that will be there when you need them. Also find some really smart ones for study groups.
  5. Get involved in multiple college activities. That is how you find friends and experience new things, both of which add to the richness of life. See college shows, learn a new skill, and explore your world.
  6. Communicate with people when you are unhappy with them. Don’t keep your frustration inside because it doesn’t help you and they won’t change unless they realize how their behavior has affected you.
  7. When something does go wrong, or there is a problem, never be afraid to discuss it with your resident advisor, a parent, or another adult. Small problems can grow bigger and be harder to solve.
  8. Get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and exercise multiple times a week. It keeps your body and your mind working efficiently.
  9. Spend your money wisely and remember to be careful where you leave your money and other valuables, not everyone is as kind and as good as you are.
  10.  Stay safe, be aware or your surroundings especially at night. Don’t walk alone in areas that are unpopulated on or off campus.
  11.  College is different from high school, you are responsible for everything you do, to get it done on time, and to manage your life.

Best of Luck!!!


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