5 Things to Help You Succeed in College

1. Your Attendance The easy peasy way to ensure success is to show up for class and sit in the front. This will help with focus! Your attendance is a strong predictor of future success. And at the cost per credit hour you are paying…it makes sense to maximize your time. 2. Follow the Syllabus […]

The Summer After Senior Year: What’s A Parent to Do? Breathe & Read…

The Summer Before Senior Year: What’s A Parent to Do? Breathe & Read… you just need a little guidance.

The Summer After Senior Year First, breathe. Second, read below.

By Lee Norwood   We know this is a busy month with AP testing, graduation, parties, life, etc., so we are hoping this message helps ease some of the stress you may be feeling about your student heading off to college later this summer.  If your student is still trying to make a final college […]

College Acceptances for 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019! Each our students worked hard, followed the process, and as a cohort received over 3,000,000 in merit aid offers. It is such an exciting time in their lives and Annapolis College Consulting is proud to be a part of their bright futures. The colleges that they applied and were […]

The College Admission Scandal

This article by Steven Antonoff puts the college admissions scandal into perspective. Over the past 11 years our success has been based on knowledge, support, and encouragement of our students to empower them to be strong candidates. This has brought us excellent results as well as grateful families whose students stay at the colleges, and […]

Ethics in the Independent Education Consultant (IEC) Profession

On Tuesday March 12, 2019, a nationwide bribery and fraud scheme to help students gain admission to elite colleges and universities came to light.  This has shocked members of the Independent Education Consultant community and, I’m sure, many parents of students who are currently using or considering using a college consultant to help their son […]

10 Things Any Student Can Do To Improve Their Success

The college process is complex, and you can’t control all the elements, but here are things that you should do to improve your success. Eliminate interruptions during study time. No calls, texts, emails, social media—nothing but you and the subjects. Stop activities that you don’t enjoy and will not add significantly to your college applications. […]

Essential Skills College-Bound Kids Should Know

Prepare for Independence: This is a list of activities students should know how to do before they leave home. The list is long, but not difficult so review and persevere. Sometimes they will have to learn by trial and error. Most of the items listed apply to all students; some will not be experienced until […]

Financial Information and Scholarship Websites

Financial Information FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid portal, provided by the U.S. Department of Education. FAFSA4caster is a college cost forecasting tool that estimates your eligibility for federal student aid. StudentAid.gov has resources for learning about federal student aid, how to apply using the FAFSA, and get information on repaying student loans. A video that […]

diploma and gap

What Will a 4 Year College Degree Give You vs. Just a High School Diploma?

About $1M more dollars in salary over your lifetime A Longer Life Expectancy More Savings as an Adult The Ability to Move From Job to Job and City to City if You Want to Better Decisions on What You Buy More Hobbies & Leisure Activities Better Health More Job Security Feeling More Optimistic About the […]

What To Do When You Are Wait Listed

Decide Whether to Stay on the List – Your next step is to respond and let the college know whether or not you want to stay on the waiting list. It makes sense to keep your spot on the list only if you’re really interested in going to the college. Before you decide, find out whether […]

Options for College Visits

Which type of visit would be best for you: Open Houses, Autumn Preview Days, specific Major or Honors College tours, Personalized Visits, an Overnight Visit, or a regular tour? Many times families are constrained by the calendar, but it may be worth finding out about your alternatives. Larger colleges have open houses while smaller schools […]

Visiting Colleges

Planning Plan your college visit ahead of time and see a number of suitable colleges in the same geographic area. You can use the website GoSeeCampus.com, and click on Trip Planner which can show you routing from one university to another, as well as nearby hotels. Also, when you input each college on the list it usually gives you links […]

Finding the “Right” College

It is a hard question to answer, “what makes a college ‘good’?” the reality is that what makes a college good for you might make it a bad choice for someone else. One thing is certain though, how ‘good’ a college is may have very little to do with rankings or the percentage of applicants […]

Questions to Ask on a College Visit

Finding the right college fit requires matching multiple key characteristics. College visits are an important part of a well-rounded college research strategy. During a campus tour, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many buildings, programs and information that is given. Take a copy of this college visit questionnaire with you on your next campus tour and make the […]