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8 Programs Linked to Student Success

First-Year Experience First-year experience programs have been shown to improve Freshman retention rates. These classes bring together smaller groups of students with faculty with a goal of improving student success while focusing on a specific subject. This experience allows students an opportunity to immerse themselves in college life and get to know faculty. Students get […]

5 Things About College Roommates Incoming Freshman Ought to Understand

by Emilie Mobley, June 2019 1. College Roommate=Friend? Maybe, maybe not.  Surviving and thriving as a freshman can be rooted in maintaining a healthy roommate relationship. Your dorm room is your home, and the person(s) you share it with is an important part of your college experience. Some relationships seem to evolve naturally and are […]

Will You Be Able to Help Your College-Age Child in a Medical Emergency?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule Can Get in Your Way By Susan Feinstein, July 23, 2016 Important Documents Moms and dads who still think of themselves as protectors and advisers, even after their children become legal adults, often don’t consider the real-world implications of that milestone birthday. They and their young-adult children need to think about the […]

College Acceptances for 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019! Each our students worked hard, followed the process, and as a cohort received over 3,000,000 in merit aid offers. It is such an exciting time in their lives and Annapolis College Consulting is proud to be a part of their bright futures. The colleges that they applied and were […]

The College Admission Scandal

Annapolis College Consulting is built on a foundation of knowledge and ethics and has been serving families for over 11 years. We are proud of our work and will continue to provide nothing less than the highest quality, professional college consulting. Lessons From The College Admission Scandal, by Steven R. Antonoff, PhD Bribes and phony […]