Summer Activities that Give You an Edge – Part 2

Part 2


Internships are wonderful because they can give you great insight into what you would like to do for a living, as well as what you do not enjoy. The more internships you are able to participate in, the more marketable you will be, and the better you will understand your strengths and the type of work environment that you will thrive in. Start by looking at jobs within a sector which interests you. Talk to everyone you know about your interest and see if you can find connections with people who can introduce you with the appropriate people. Have your parents’ help, the more people who know what you are looking for, the higher your probability of success. If you can’t find a paid job, consider non-profits who always need unpaid staff and see if there is a position which aligns with your interest. Ask if your favorite high school teacher has a project which you would want to do over the summer. If your parents have a business maybe you can run their social media, or take on a project that they want done, but don’t have time to implement. Try a local lab or college and find something of interest. Work on a personal project which will differeniate you.


Colleges want leaders of all kinds. Finding venues where you can learn about the trials and tribulations of leadership is a great growth experience. This means offering to spearhead a project, running for an elected position, or working hard to be named captain or co-captain of a team. Start a club that your school does not have, and build it. Leadership is not for everyone, but if you try you will undoubtedly learn something from every experience. Maryland Leadership Workshop is a weeklong camp

where the “staff strives to empower teens to be the leaders they want to be in their community and agents of positive change in society.” I have had a few students who have participated and found it to be extremely worthwhile and fun. They have an application and the deadline is coming up soon.


Many students attend camps of all kinds or run their own camp. I have had numerous students run a camp with friends, for younger children. Not only have they made a lot of money, but they master a lot of skills to make it work. College admissions officers likes seeing this because of the multi-faceted elements.

Some students attend camps for their sport, which allows them to improve, and get seen by coaches from colleges which interest them. Others go to a camp to learn something new or show colleges their academic prowess (see Learning from Part 1). If you would like to test drive a college campus, or see if you do want to pursue a certain career, there are opportunities available on many college campuses – just use Google or another search engine.  Here are some of the most prestigious camps in the U.S. and one needs to apply for them:

(TASP) A Telluride Association Summer Program is a free six-week educational experience for high school juniors that offers challenges and rewards rarely encountered in secondary school or even college. Each program is designed to bring together young people from around the world who share a passion for learning. Summer Program for Juniors (TASP) – Telluride Association It is very competitive to get into.

Boys Nation Two outstanding representatives from each of 48 Boys States are called upon to represent their state at American Legion Boys Nation in Washington, DC. It is here that the young leaders who had excelled at their respective Boys States are introduced to the structure and function of the federal government.

Also see Maryland Leadership Workshop above.


Enter contests in whatever interests you, whether it is writing, math, music, languages, dance, or photography. Share your talents with the community. Whatever groups you belong to see if there are opportunities to use your aptitudes to benefit others. Book your band to play at a Relay for Life, or have your theater group put on performances for special need kids. Ask a coffee shop to hang your photographs up on their walls. Find ways to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing what you do with the community at large. The more exposure and experiences you have the more appealing you become.

Summer gives you more than ten weeks. Find multiple ways to explore your potential.

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