Tune in for My Webinar on Merit Aid

You can now listen to the webinar in the video section of this website.

How to Maximize Your Chances for Merit Aid

Presented by Applerouth Tutoring Services and Annapolis College Consulting

Merit aid can often create game-changing outcomes for students applying to college; yet many families are unsure of how to build merit scholarships into their overall college planning process. Applerouth Tutoring Services invites you to join Cori Dykman, of Annapolis College Consulting, for a free expert webinar that will help families understand the often overlooked and sometimes overwhelming process of applying for merit scholarships. Based on Cori’s first-hand experience helping students afford the colleges of their dreams, this presentation will cover:

  • The basics: what is merit aid, where is it offered and in what amounts?
  • The strategy: a discussion of steps students can take to stand out in the               admissions process and enhance their merit aid potential.
  • The big picture: an understanding of the process and how to approach it.

The optimal merit aid search starts early. High school families in all grades are welcome, especially 9th through 11th grade families.

Wednesday, November 11th at 7:00pm

About the Speaker: Cori Dykman

Cori Dykman is an educational consultant who relates exceptionally well to teens and understands adolescent and parental issues. Her warm, tailored approach seems to consistently make the difference for the students that she partners with. During last year’s admissions cycle, her students received one million dollars in merit aid. Cori is a professional member of IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) where she stays updated on the constantly changing and nuanced college process.

www.annapoliscollegeconsulting.com  annapoliscollegeconsulting@gmail.com                                                                                          www.applerouth.com


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