ZeeMee is relatively new on the college admission scene, and is worth evaluating to enhance your applications. ZeeMee has more than 250 college partners, and anticipates it will have around 300 in the 2018-2019 admissions cycle. It is a video-story platform paid for by these colleges and free for you.

Students make short videos to enhance their applications. You choose a question from their list and answer it using your cell phone to video yourself. This gets uploaded to your application, or if the college does not use ZeeMee, it can be sent to them via a link. At this point, it is optional for most colleges that are using it. But, it does differentiate you and gives you a chance to make a good impression.

ZeeMee says that colleges report higher acceptance rates for students who are using this. Is that because it differentiates the student, or is it because the students who used it had good advisors? We don’t know, but it can be very helpful for students who are not as strong on paper.

While I do want you to have a plan of what you are going to say during these videos, they should not look scripted. It will allow colleges to actually see you and it allows you to make a good impression in this short video. Make sure to send me what you plan to say beforehand for my approval.

Students receive questions and prompts via the app. You are only given 26 seconds for your answer. Colleges can ask school-specific questions, and can contact you directly if you allow it. If students have put their videos on ZeeMee it will stay there until the video is deleted. Privacy settings can be public vs. private. Your URL is your ZeeMee link. If you make it private you have a key which you can share with whomever you want.

You can re-record as often as you like, so make sure that the version you use is authentic and good. Colleges like to see self-reflection and have insight into your character. Be real, articulate, smile, but not over-produced. If the college that you are applying to does not use ZeeMee, you can put the URL in your common app or put the link on your resume.

They also have a photo album section with a character limit of 1000 characters. If you use it, be careful not to make it long.

Here is the link httpss://www.zeemee.com/sign-up, and here are the institutions that are officially partnered with them httpss://www.zeemee.com/partners.

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